People's Bank of China Gui'an Data Center Project signed in Beijing

New Infrastructure

On August 18, the investment agreement for the Gui'an Data Center Project of the People's Bank of China was signed in Beijing.

As a key information infrastructure, data centers are the central nervous system of economic and social operations, and the top priority of network security, said Fan Yifei, member of the Party Committee of the People's Bank of China, in his speech.

He said that Gui'an New District has good location advantages and resource conditions, which are conducive to the People's Bank of China in building a high-security data center, helping to improve the security level of financial business systems, and supporting the transformation of distributed architecture and optimization of resource layout.

He said that the government hopes that the People’s Bank of China and Gui’an New Area will “jointly explore new infrastructure roads suitable for the financial industry and local economic development, give full play to the advantages of Gui’an New Area and Guizhou’s big data industry, promote high-quality data center construction, and build a national financial foundation. It will explore new modes of cooperation between the central and local governments to enhance the resilience and vitality of Guizhou’s economic development.”

Gui'an New District is located in the combined area of ​​Guiyang City and Anshun City in Guizhou Province, covering 4 counties (cities, districts) and 20 townships under the jurisdiction of Guiyang and Anshun, with a planned control area of ​​1,795 square kilometers.

In the plan, it is positioned as an open economic demonstration zone in China's inland, an important economic growth pole and ecological civilization demonstration zone in western China, one of the five new areas for the development of the western region, and the eighth national-level new area in China.


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