closes Series B with tens of millions of yuan

Lynn Lin closes Series B with tens of millions of yuan, a supply chain bill financial service platform, recently announced that it had received tens of millions of yuan in its Series B round of financing that would be mainly used for the R&D of new products and the construction of market basic service system.

Currently, the market for electronic bills is thriving, which accounts for 97.9% of the whole bill market, with 3 million users. Besides, the recently introduced payment regulations for small and medium-sized enterprises are in favor of the development of the bill market. Commercial bills have become the most convenient payment tool for enterprises.

As a result, financial institutions are stepping up their efforts in product and service innovation. In the future, the bill market will go the way of billing for financing, monetization of electronic commercial bills, intelligentization of bill transactions, and securitization of bill assets. belongs to the first batch of supply chain bill service platforms established in China since the beginning of electronic bills. The platform operates in compliance with the financial regulatory requirements in China.

The platform is dedicated to drive the development of digital supply chain finance via technology. It provides technology services for the small, medium and micro enterprises and financial institutions, helping them save about one billion yuan in direct financing.

Besides, the platform leads the market in the fields of digital platforms, open banking, digital credit, and technology export.


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