Tesla opens largest V3 overcharge station in North China

Michael Liang

Tesla opens largest V3 overcharge station in North China

On November 17, Tesla opened its V3 super charging station in Beijing Wangjing Pohang Center.

The charging station has a total of 21 V3 super charging piles, which is currently the largest V3 super charging station in North China.

Compared with the V2 super charging pile, V3 has faster charging speed and lighter liquid-cooled charging cables.

Take Model 3 as an example: Under its peak rate conditions, it can travel up to 250 kilometers after 15 minutes of charging.

So far, Tesla has deployed 45 super charging stations and 34 destination charging stations in Beijing.

It is said that by the end of 2020, Tesla will build nearly 650 super charging stations, more than 5,000 super charging piles, and more than 2,000 destination charging piles in China, covering more than 270 major cities and inter-city connections across the country.


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