Two former executives of join Bytedance

Lynn Lin

Recently, Wu Haifeng and Sun Wenyu, two of the five executives who had quitted Baidu out of the blue in May last year, have joined Bytedance.

On May 1, 2019, after leaving Baidu, Wu Haifeng and Sun Wenyu co-founded a company named 1024 Technology Co., Ltd., whose business is concerned with medical information. According to the business information, Wu Haifeng holds 46% of the shares and Sun Wenyu holds 31%. No external shareholders are introduced.

As Wu Haifeng and Sun Wenyu had signed non-compete agreement with Baidu, they were not allowed to work with Baidu’s competitors in a period of one year after the employment ended. The one-year period has expired when Wu and Sun joined Bytedance.

According to some reports, Wu and Sun also plan to have their company merged to Bytedance. Many directors and other personnel who used to work under Wu Haifeng also have quitted Some of them join Bytedance with the merger of 1024 Tech to Bytedance, including Tan Dai, the chief architect of, who has a good reputation in the industry.

It is said that Wu Haifeng would be in charge of the medical division of Bytedance, which covers the business concerning medical information and Internet medical care.


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