WeChat opens WeStore to every Chinese citizen

Lynn Lin

On August 20, WeChat announced that not only enterprises and self-employed businessmen or households, but also individuals could open stores on the WeStore mini program.

Besides, the WeStore mini program has been launched on the service market, and rolled out components for personalized operation.

According to WeChat’s official introduction, the WeStore is developed and launched by the mini program team of WeChat, aiming to facilitate small and micro-enterprises as well as self-employed businessmen to sell goods through mini program without paying fees.

As for individuals, they can open a store on WeChat by merely providing the ID card, bank card and other information according to the registration guidelines. One WeChat account can only open one store, which supports the sale of both first-hand and second-hand goods.

The entry process for opening a store on the mini program has also been further simplified. New users can do the registration by easily searching for "WeStore Assistant" in WeChat.

Meanwhile, WeChat has also launched an official website page and server-side management platform for WeStore users. Individual sellers can manage the stores on the mobile-end management platform. Enterprise and self-employed sellers manage the stores on the computer-end management platform.


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