What is the difference between Honor and Huawei?

Michael Liang

What is the difference between Honor and Huawei?

Some people know the two mobile phone brands, Huawei and Honor. It is noted that Honor is also a brand owned by Huawei group.

The mobile phones launched by these two brands are often similar in terms of configuration, but there is a big gap in price.

Take the latest flagship Huawei P10 and Honor V9 as examples. The gap between the starting prices of the two brands is more than 1,000 yuan, but the configuration gap does not seem to be large.

I believe many people are very curious: Why are the prices of Huawei phones and Honor phones so different? What is the difference between the Huawei and Honor mobile phone?

This article talks about the origins and differences between the Huawei and its Honor brand.

Are Honor and Huawei the same company? Does Honor come under the Huawei brand?

Many people are accustomed to calling "Honor" as "Huawei Honor" in the market. But in fact, this is wrong.

It is undeniable that Honor is a wholly-owned sub-brand of Huawei Terminal, but its relationship with Huawei mobile phones is not a "father and son", in fact it is more like a "brothers".

In August 2011, Internet mobile phone brand Xiaomi launched its first Xiaomi mobile phone at a very low price.

In order to compete with Xiaomi, the Huawei mobile phone unit released a mobile phone called Huawei Honor (U8860). Although the Honor brand was not yet formed at the time, this product was a milestone success for Honor branch.

In December 2013, the Honor brand officially announced its separation and became a wholly-owned sub-brand of Huawei's terminal focusing on the Internet mobile phone business.

Looking back now, we have to recognize Huawei's vision to establish such a sub-brand. It further clarified the brand positioning of Honor phones and Huawei phones.

The Honor brand focuses on "Internet mobile phone" users, and was aimed to compete with brands such as Xiaomi and Meizu in the price range at RMB2000. Because of different product positioning, it did not create challenges for the Huawei phone brand in the high-end and high-priced market.

Today, the Honor brand is playing well among Internet mobile phone brands, and Huawei mobile phones, with Mate 7, P9 and other products, have also established a firm foothold in the high-end market.

From the above, brand positioning is the biggest difference between Huawei mobile phones and Honor mobile phones.

Why are Honor phones not branded as Huawei?

In addition, Huawei mobile phones and Honor mobile phones are also different in the main targeted markets, in both targeted audiences or the sales channels and regions.

The difference between the two can ensure that the two brands do not compete with each other and allows Huawei group has a more extensive product coverage.

In terms of target audiences, Huawei's mobile phone P series and Mate series focus on high-end people in the fashion and business fields, with a big overlap in users with Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S series.

The Honor mobile phones focuse on people who focus on quality and cost-effectiveness, with a big overlap in users with brands such as Xiaomi and Meizu.

In terms of sales channels, although both brands now have online and offline outlets, we can notice that Honor phones will not appear in Huawei’s offline stores, which means that the offline channels of the two brands are not shared.

This also makes the Honor mobile phone, in addition to the counters opened with offline stores of Suning, Gome, etc., still focus on online sales. With its size and brand influence, Huawei mobile phones perform well both online and offline.

In terms of targeted regions, Huawei's brand is geared towards the entire international market, so the launching conferences of its P series and Mate series are often held abroad.

Although the Honor brand has also embarked on an international journey in recent years, it still focuses on the China's domestic market.

Why are Huawei phones more expensive than Honor phones?

Brand Value

Although Honor mobile phones have a good reputation, they still have a big gap with Huawei mobile phones in terms of brand value.

First of all, before entering the mobile phone business, Huawei Terminal's performance in the communications field has accumulated a good reputation for its phones. Coupled with the success of its Mate series and P series, its brand value has also risen.

Compared with the Huawei brand, Honor Mobile is a brand-new brand, which is naturally inferior in influence and value.

Hardware differences

The core hardware difference between Huawei mobile phones and Honor mobile phones of a similar generation is indeed not big.

But it is worth noting that Huawei is usually launched much earlier than Honor in the adoption cycle of new components. There was 3-month gap in the entry time to market for Mate 9 and V9.

Now that the hardware iteration speed is so fast, an earlier launch has naturally become one of the reasons why Huawei mobile phones are so expensive.

Not only that, in terms of networks, because the Huawei brand focuses on the international market, the supported frequency bands are often wider, while the Honor mobile phones for the Chinese domestic market only need to support the domestic common frequency bands. Just like the domestic and global versions of Mi Note 2, the frequency difference has become one of the reasons for the price gap.

Moreover, in terms of camera functions, Huawei mobile phones have more advantages in terms of hardware and tuning, and its cooperation with Leica has further enhanced the brand value.

Considering some other differences, it is not without reason that the Huawei brand is more expensive.


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